Domestic and Commercial Electrical Work Tel: 07415 669217
Domestic and Commercial Electrical Work         Tel: 07415 669217

Testing of the circuit after the installation of a new lighting point

Upgrading of Consume Unit and Night Storage Heaters Supply Unit

Installation of a socket and lighting switch

Relocation of the old fuse board position and installation of a new fuse to the latest Regulations

Installation of LED ceiling spotlights and LED colour strip light

Completed installation of an electrical shower

Installation of lighting and sockets in a shed 

Installation of equipotential bonding to the gas services

Some of my other jobs


- Bathroom sockets, fan touch swith and heating control unit

- Underfloor heating in a bathroom

- LED spothlights installation

- HDMI modules installtion - connection between TV and other equipments

- Installation of LED lights

- Speaker installation for sound surround system

- Lighting installation

- Socket installation

- Installation of a socket with data, coaxil and arial modules

Electrical Safety


Electrical installation work should only be carried out by someone who is competent. It's easy to make an electrical circuit work - it's far harder to make the circuit work safely.

Latest Tips & Advice


Choosing an Electrician

The thought of having electrical work carried out in your home can be daunting, especially if you have to put your trust in an electrician you have never used before.

Part P of the Building Regulations and how it affects you


Since 2005 any electrical installation work carried out in homes must by law meet Part P of the Building Regulations

RCDs Explaned

Since July 2008 virtually all new or altered circuits in homes must have RCD protection.


Periodic Inspection Reports Explained


If you haven’t had your home's wiring tested in the last 10 years, it may be time for a Periodic Inspection Report